About Me


My name is Amanda Giles. I’m not a professional writer neither a professional photographer so please pardon for any mistakes you find on my blog.

I am a proud Mom of three soon to be teenagers šŸ™‚Ā and a lovable wife. I work at a well known restaurant as a waitress. I love being outdoors and my hobbies include cycling and hiking.

When time permits from the daily chores I blog. However, I startedĀ this blogĀ to throw light on my experience with nail fungus and how I was able to treat it with EmoniNail.

Over time I realized that many more are suffering and almost everyone suffering for it gets curious as to what I did when they learn I successfully overcame it.

I put here all the related information to help anybody interested.

To help people be more informed and know that they are not alone and there is hope am posting all he nitty gritty on this blog.

You can get in touch through comments and also through thisĀ contact form.