Does EmoniNail Work?

Like most nail infections, Toenail Infections are also caused by a fungus. A Toenail Fungus usually affects more than one nail at a time. Toenail Fungus is referred to as Onychomycosis by physicians. This infection usually begins as a small yellow or whitish spot along the tip of the toenail. Most people tend to disregard this early symptom as dull coloration due to excessive dryness of the skin. As the infection spreads, the protein content within the nail-bed is depleted and the discoloration becomes more pronounced.

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EmoniNail really works?

EmoniNail is one of the rare treatments out there that is designed to cure nail fungus internally as well as externally. For cure, the topical solution is applied to the affected areas. In addition to the topical solution, the nail fungus is treated internally by ingesting a homeopathic solution. This powerful combination does the trick for majority of the individuals out there.

Market reports suggest that EmoniNail includes a great variety of natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen by experts to kill fungus and bacteria, while promoting overall health and wellness so that the infection doesn’t make way into the sufferer’s life ever again. What one should know over here is that no product works 100% all the time. However, EmoniNail has demonstrated higher success rate than any other nail fungus product out there.

How long does it take for EmoniNail to work?

Users can expect noticeable results in one month’s time. Regular usage of the product as per proper directions for a period of three to five months can completely eliminate nail fungus from one’s life. However, sometimes it might take up to six months to witness drastic change in one’s condition, especially when the condition is severe. Overall, EmoniNail does work for most users. However, it might take some time in severe cases because the product works naturally and gradually without the involvement of any side effects.

Why the Solution Doesn’t Work for Some?

There are a number of reasons why EmoniNail doesn’t work from some people. First, everyone’s biology is different and some people simply won’t react to the nail fungus remedy as expected. This is true for  all medications on the market, both prescription and over-the-counter solutions. Not much can be done about this.

The second reason is that we found a lot of people who were complaining about the remedy didn’t actually purchase it direct from the manufacturer. Attracted by cheap prices and free shipping, they bought EmoniNail from unauthorized sources not realizing they were only getting an imitation of the real thing. To avoid this scam, only get EmoniNail from the official website.

A third reason is that people were not using the product as directed. They missed doses and used it improperly. For the best results, always follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions.

Where to Buy Original Product?

The original product can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer. This allows the company to control the quality of the product and service customers receive. Purchasing EmoniNail from the official website ensures you will receive an authentic product. In addition to that, the company’s 90-day money back guarantee is only available to purchases made from the official website. Purchases made from other websites or retail stores are not eligible. Lastly, the company offers deep discounts for buying in bulk, something you are unlikely to receive if you buy EmoniNail anywhere else.

How to Apply It?

This nail fungus remedy is a two-step solution that consists of a liquid medication and an oral supplement. The liquid medication should be applied directly to the affected nail at least two times per day. Wait at least 60 seconds for the nail to dry before putting on footwear. In fact, nails should be bared as much as possible. Nail fungus thrives in warm moist areas. Keeping nails bare allows air to circulate, maintaining coolness and dryness.

The oral supplement should be sprayed under the tongue at least three times per day. Sublingual application is the quickest way to deliver medication to the bloodstream. Once in the body, the supplement will boost the immune system so it can properly attack and eradicate the nail fungus. When used properly, you should begin to see results within 4 weeks.

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Understanding Toenail Fungus Infection

Please note that the term “Toenail Fungus” is slightly misleading. This is because the infection actually begins within the nail-bed and the surrounding skin. The diseased appearance of the toenail is just a result of the infection spreading within the tissues. Toenail Fungus is found across every age-group and gender. Instances of a serious toenail infection among younger children are lesser. The elderly are more prone to it. In advanced cases of Toenail Fungal infections, the entire nail develops a dark-yellow shade with a crumbly appearance. The outer edges of such toenails are particularly unsightly with degenerative edges and a thickened, blighted interior.

Toenail Fungus Infection Symptoms

Apart from the discoloration, some other symptoms suggest onset of a serious toenail fungus infection. This includes suffering from pain upon walking or standing for a few minutes. Feeling irritation along the toes, like a severe itch, that doesn’t go away upon scratching. The typical odor found among toenail fungus sufferers is due to the dead tissue debris. These debris are created by the fungi (called Dermatophytes) feeding upon the nail-bed and the surrounding connective tissue. The debris slowly accumulates under the toenail. The decomposing debris attracts more fungi & bacteria which induces the typical smell.

Handling Toenail Fungus Infection

Some people try to hide their Toenail Fungus infection by painting their nails or wearing socks throughout the day. However, these measures prove detrimental and aggravate the problem. Rather than allowing the problem to progress, it makes sense to seek an effective treatment. People who ignore Toenail Infection Symptoms usually suffer from a lifetime of toenail problems including a smelly odor, toenails with weak, crumbling edges and distorted toenail development.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Many anti-fungal solutions are general in action, i.e. they don’t address the toenail fungus specifically. These topical medicines merely suppress the symptoms for a few days/weeks. Toenail Fungus Infection usually resurfaces if it is not cured properly. During advanced stages, the infection can eat-up the entire toenail, making the toes more vulnerable to other bacterial/fungal infections. Learn about natural toenail fungus treatment EmoniNail that relieves symptoms and eradicates fungus permanently.

EmoniNail is a natural product formulated to combat nail fungus from both inside and outside. The makers of the product state that users can achieve remarkable results with the use of EmoniNail. Now, the big question is, does EmoniNail work for one and all?